New on the Menu: Google Voice for Google Takeout

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 | 11:15 AM


If you use Google Voice to manage your phone-life, we’ve got some good news: your data -- from call history, to voicemail (including transcripts!), to greetings and recordings -- is now available in Google Takeout. Starting today, you can download a copy of all your voice communications along with data from other products with one click. Voicemail messages and greetings are exported as mp3s, text messages as microformatted html, and forwarding phone numbers as a vcard.

Give it a shot, either with all your Google Takeout data, or by itself.

One more product liberated - and many more to go!


Leon Ghitis said...

Looks like a great product. I exported my GV data, but I am unable to read the text messages from each contact. I wonder how to do it.

Unknown said...

The TIME/DATE is all screwy and not consistent. Pieced together 14k messages and the times exported with them have them all out of order.

Stephen said...

Wish this had been around a month ago when I was creating this sweet infographic:

EXCEPTIONALLY useful for things like that.

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