The Data Liberation Front Delivers Google Takeout

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | 1:51 PM


Since we began in 2007, the Data Liberation Front has been focused on one thing: making it easier for you to take your data in and out of Google. Our first step was to make it easier to get your data out of our products, one product at a time. While we’ve made great progress on this front, we’ve been on the lookout for even better ways to let you take your data out of Google.

Today we’re pleased to announce the Data Liberation Front’s first revolutionary product: Google Takeout.

Google Takeout lets you take your data out of multiple Google products in one fell swoop. Moreover, you’ll find that all your data is in portable and open formats‚ so it’s easy to import to other services quickly.

Today, we’re launching with five products:

These are just the beginning: we will be adding more Google products as time goes on, so stay tuned. For now, check out the settings menu in Google+ or visit to give Takeout a try.


girovago said...

Ottima idea!

Anonymous said...

What about GMail? Is it in the plans?

oorseidhi said...

This concept was first mooted by icubeoffice.

One can download emails, documents, e-files, crm data easily and securely not with just a password.

Nathanael_L said...

Great! Just one question:

Can I have a hamburger with that? xD

Saraiva said...

Data Liberation is all well and good, but the real issue with data in Google services is Data Migration, namely between two different Google accounts. Is someone at Google working on this?

Brucevdk said...

Comrades, I will stand with you! Viva la revolution!

FSGDAG said...

When you use Google Takeout are you just backing up your data on Google or are you removing the data???

bunnyhero said...

my google+ stream from google takeout only includes the last 250 posts! please liberate *all* of my data! thank you :)

Liddle Thoughts said...


const said...

I need *ALL* the selected service data to be exported!not part of them!!!
Noticed that you only export 20 comments per buzz post!
Isn't it ridiculous?
Do you have the plan of improving on that?

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