Google Docs Liberation Update

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | 4:00 PM


All your docs at once -- Today the Google Docs team is rolling out an upgrade to the bulk export feature launched in October. You can now export all of your documents (up to a maximum zip file size of 2 gigabytes) without having to scroll down to select them all. See Vijay's blog post for more information, plus some other useful features also being rolled out.

Chrome bookmarks -- We've been meaning to post a link to Kevin Tofel's post of a month ago explaining how to use Google Docs bulk export to share your Chrome bookmarks with other browsers. This was a feature that my colleague JJ Lueck quietly added, and we're thrilled that the world has noticed!


Darryl said...

Oh man, I'm using Chrome in a lot of places, but uh, no iPad version, so uh, would really love to be able to access my Chrome Bookmarks in some way. Can you please free them again??

I realize this post is from two years ago, but this really does kind of suck.

ZakMcKraken said...

+1 :-/

it's still on this page

but not working anymore :-(

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