Two new services added to Takeout

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 | 2:59 PM


We're always working to improve our tools and make it easier for users to control and access their data. Today we are happy to add support for two new services in Google Takeout.

Latitude: Download a json file with your location data.

Reader: You can already export your data within Reader. Now that functionality comes to Google Takeout. Export an xml file of your subscriptions and your lists of starred, shared, following (and more) items in json format.
Posted by Kári Ragnarsson, The Data Liberation Front


Unknown said...

Thanks! Trying it now.

I am waiting for Calendar and, why not, Chrome bookmarks. :D

Unknown said...

@Marco well chrome bookmarks are the easiest of the whole lot
step 1: Crtl+Shift+O to get to bookmark manager, step two: click export bookmarks. import into different account if thats what you doing.

takes 30 seconds max :D

Jimmy Fernando Montaño H. said...

Thanks a lot Google Engineers :)

S. Courrier said...

[Google Reader] Good intentions but what a complicated way for people who just want to export their subscriptions in an OPML file !! It would have been a good idea to preserve an "export OPML" link beside the "export your datas through Google TakeOut". And what about giving the choice to export the other files in JSON or in CSV (a more understandable format for non power users).

Unknown said...

Don't understand it. Not tech Savvy! :(

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