Introducing Google Tasks Porter

Monday, August 1, 2011 | 2:51 PM


We're happy to announce a new open source application that allows you to import and export your Google Tasks, called Google Tasks Porter.

Google Tasks Porter is designed with other applications that contain task lists in mind. It supports import and export via the iCalendar format which is used by a variety of applications, including iCalendar itself. It also supports import and export to Microsoft Outlook via a CSV format. Additionally, Google Tasks Porter supports export from Remember the Milk using its iCalendar export, and import to Remember the Milk via email. You can also download a list of all your tasks in an HTML format which is designed to be portable and parseable.

Google Tasks Porter allows you to create a set of "snapshots" of your data, each representing a list of all your tasks at a particular point in time. You can then save or delete these snapshots, and you can export a snapshot at any time to another application using any of the available formats. You can also upload an ics or csv file in order to import the tasks contained therein into Google Tasks.

The application is available on the web at The source code is also available on Google Code at using the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please try the application out and let us know what you think. You can provide feedback via the mailing list at

By Dwight Guth, The Data Liberation Front

5 comments: said...

bonjour et bienvenu a toute et a tous

Tenkely said...

Great news.. although I hope this doesn't mean Task is on the chopping block. I am really hoping the Tasks app gets some much needed love!

Lockhead said...

Why doent this work on chrome dev-channel?

Marc said...

It is not working. What a pain!

Unknown said...

Export seems to work, but Import is not working for me either. I started off ambitious with an export from my Outlook. That says "importing" - but it hasn't changed for about an hour. Now when I point it at any file at all, it accepts it for a second or two, but then clears the name before I can get the "Import" button clicked. At the very least this product needs a "Reset" or "Start Over" button.

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