Now offering Docs for Takeout

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | 1:35 PM


It’s been easy to liberate your Google Docs in lots of different formats for awhile now -- ODT, PDF, RTF, Text, Word, HTML -- you name it. Starting today, you can export them along with everything else on the Google Takeout menu.

Choose to download all of the Docs that you own through Takeout in any of the formats mentioned above. We’re making it more convenient for you to retrieve your information however you want -- you can even Takeout just your docs if you'd like. Lastly, be sure to click on the new "Configure" menu if you'd like to choose different formats for your documents.


Anonymous said...

Great, thanks :)

Alos said...

Very nice =)

Humedini said...

Looks great, really helpful.

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